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Deep Plug Aeration

Aeration Aeration What is Aeration?

Aeration is a process by which cores or 'plugs' of your lawn are extracted to create holes.

Why Aerate?
  • Allows more air, water and nutrients to get down to the root system
  • Saves water and helps with soil compaction
  • Grass roots will grow deeper down where soil retains moisture for a longer period of time
  • The holes allow for more efficient use of water and fertilizer to penetrate deep down
Aeration is a necessary ingredient to creating, or keeping, a healthy and beautiful lawn. Your lawn needs moisture in order to thrive. One of the most important benefits of aerating is it allows water to easily access the root system of the grass. By aerating, you maximize the water that reaches the roots, allowing for deeper rooting and healthier grass. It also helps to minimize water run-off and evaporation, and in Colorado's dry climate, you want the grass to benefit from the water you pay to put on it rather than lose it to the gutter or air.

The same holes that allow the water direct access to your root system also allow in air, organic nutrients and fertilizers, all of which are vital to the overall health and beauty of your lawn.

Aeration also offers the added benefit of breaking up thatch in older lawns. Excess thatch is detrimental to the lawn because, like a sponge, it can trap water and fertilizers at the top of the soil. Not only does this prevent those important nutrients from reaching the roots, but add a little warmth to that moist and nutrient-rich environment and you have a perfect ecosystem for fungal growth. Thatch can also be a great hiding place for lawn hungry bugs so it is best to minimize what thatch you have in your lawn and aerating can help do that.

Another advantage to lawn aeration is that it loosens up hard, clay-like soil and compacted soil. High traffic areas, lawns that are home to active kids and pets, and areas where heavy snow accumulated or lingered for a period of time can easily become compacted. Aerating helps to loosen that compaction and help with moisture retention and root expansion.

You want your lawn to be beautiful, and aeration is an easy first step to strengthening the root structure of your grass, making it far more drought, fungus and insect resistant and better able to capitalize on all the goodness Mother Nature sends its way. After all, healthy grass is beautiful grass.
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Tips for getting the best benefits from your aeration:
  • Water the day before or the morning of your aeration. The more moist the soil is, the deeper the plugs.
  • Mark any hard to see or interior sprinkler heads. You can use flags or even plastic forks... just something that will draw attention to them. (Remember, if we do break a head, just call us. We'll be happy to repair or replace it.)
  • Leave the cores or plugs on your lawn. They will dry out and break apart the next time you mow and they create important microorganisms that feed on thatch and provide nutrients for the soil.

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