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Fertilization Fertilization Why fertilize?

Fertilizing provides the nutrients necessary for your lawn to grow as well as be healthy and strong. However, maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn during the entire growing season in Colorado can be a bit tricky. We have to account for wacky weather, a wide variety of soil compositions, grass types and those incessantly hardy weeds. With all of those things in mind, we follow a fertilization program that is customized to each "season" during the growing months in order to cut down on weeds and maximize the potential of your lawn. (We assess every lawn individually, and since each lawn is different and has specific needs, your fertilization program may not follow the example set forth below.)
  1. Early Spring
    Before the growing season begins, we will apply a specially formulated slow-release fertilizer containing a pre-emergent. This will provide your lawn the needed nutrients as well as helping to prevent weeds and crabgrass by killing the seedlings as they germinate.
  2. Late Spring
    The ideal time to feed your lawn, right at the beginning of the growing season. As always, we will apply a slow-release fertilizer optimized for growth and to help prevent weeds just as they are trying to take hold.
  3. Summer
    When drought conditions start taking its toll, we will pamper your lawn with a specially designed blend of fertilizer to nourish your stressed lawn. This helps your lawn stay healthy and happy just in time for barbecue season!
  4. Late Summer
    When temperatures are at the season's high and water is limited, we will be there to help your lawn to continue to grow heathy and strive in the heat. This fertilization will assist your lawn's root system to stay strong and resistant to all the stresses the season presents.
  5. Fall
    Fertilizing in the fall is the most effective way to prepare your lawn for the climate changes typical for Colorado. We help it to make the adjustment from summer to fall and get ready for the coming winter.
  6. Late Fall/Winter
    Winterizing your lawn helps to protect it over the stressful winter months when the lawn endures freezing temperatures and less watering. Your lawn will stay greener longer and will be healthier next spring!

Weed Control Weed Control Weed Control

Weeds are controlled throughout the season using a variety of pre and post emergent products as well as high-quality fertilizer applications.

For the benefit of your lawn we use commercial-grade fertilizer products. These products are controlled-release (also known as slow-release) formulas. This means the nutrients are released to the lawn slowly and help to prevent burning that can be common in non-commercial fertilizers. Some formulas use iron sucrate to greatly minimize the risk of staining to concrete areas.

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Fertilization Program

Our program is specifically designed for Colorado lawns... keeping them healthy, strong and green. Fertilizing on a regular basis will also help to minimize weeds. We offer a fertilization program of 6 applications beginning in the early spring and ending with winterizer. With our expertise, your lawn will look healthier and more beautiful than ever!

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